The traditional Woody, made out of ThermoWood, brings the genuine atmosphere of real wood into the bath. The calming, earthy brown colour of the hot tub blends into nature. You can sense the scent of fresh ThermoWood when you step into the water. Woody XL is large enough even for a bigger crowd: you can fit all of your friends in the same tub. Woody is the first and best choice for bathers who value tradition and authenticity!

The hot tub is heated with a submerged Sub heater placed inside the tub; it is silver in colour and the door is decorated by a wooden handle. It is made out of high-quality marine-grade aluminium. The heat-treated pine used in the outer shell is a Finnish alternative for dark-coloured imported wood. ThermoWood is a high-quality, long-lasting material with a warm brown colour that maintains its shape well.

The barrel diameter is 220 cm and water volume 3180 litres. It is suitable for 8-12 people. The dry weight of the hot tub is 260 kg. The gross heat output of the SUB stove is 42 kW and the net heat output transferred to the water is 27 kW.