Our skilled workforce brings you the quality and good looks of our products. We have almost 20 persons working at our Sastamala factory and another 10 in our own aluminium shop. On top of that we use a wide selection of local contractors. Our success is based on ongoing product development.

Where we try to keep our customer in mind so that our hot tubs are easy to use. We also have wide product range and equipment available fo our customers. We are constantly searching new materials that are long lasting and recyclable.

In 2013 Kirami Oy is the biggest hot tub manufacturer in Europe. We supply over 3000 hot tubs around Finland and Europe. Our turnover was 5,8m€ of witch exports about 25%. We have a good reseller network in Finland and we are building up our reseller network in Europe.

"Original Easy" hot tubs with plastic inner tub are really easy to maintain and therefore the most popular models.

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The "Family" hot tub has been developed to take the needs of the whole family into account, regardless of age and physical condition.

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"Grandy" - minipool is a hot tub that can accommodate bigger number on bathers at the same time. It also works as swimming pool for kids.

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