Kirami’s Woody Premium hot tubs boast a hand-crafted finish, making them real luxury products. The Premium Woody M offers plenty of space for the average family or a small group of friends. Woody is the first and best choice for bathers who value tradition and authenticity!

The hot tub is heated with an efficient black Cube heater with a timeless design and colour; it heats even large tubs quickly. It is made out of high-quality marine-grade aluminium. The outer shell is made out of North American wood with excellent rot resistance. In time, the wood becomes a beautiful silvery grey.

The barrel diameter is 170 cm and water volume 1860 litres. It is suitable for 4-6 people. The dry weight of the hot tub is 183 kg. The gross heat output of the CUBE stove is 48 kW and the net heat output transferred to the water is 35 kW.