Product code PT
Power 35 kW
Dimensions 54x67x59 cm
Weight 39,5 kg

Heater is manufactured of marine aluminium. Because the heater material is marine aluminium, it tolerates also sea water. There is no need to rinse the heater with fresh-water after using sea water. Naturally the grate and the backside of the door are steel. To improve heating the water, water circulates through the pipes on top of the stove.


Technical data

  • Power 35kW
  • Chimney connection Ø150mm
  • Heat conducting area 1,5 m2
  • Minimun water quantity is 5cm above the higher connector pipe
  • Outside measures, width 570mm and length 600mm
  • Includes grates, fastening pieces, rubber hoses and clamps


Notice minimum water level before making fire..

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