Premium Grandy XL

Capacity 3600 l
Weight 290 kg
Outer diameter 247 cm
Height 121 cm

Grandy-minipool is a hot tub that can accommodate bigger number on bathers at the same time. It also works as swimming pool for kids. Grandy is significantly bigger than traditional hot tub a bit deeper and square shape with built in stairs on one side.

The heat-treated pine used in the outer shell is a Finnish alternative for dark-coloured imported wood. ThermoWood is a high-quality, long-lasting material with a warm brown colour that maintains its shape well. The calming sky-blue colour of the interior is an effective stress relief.

The barrel diameter is 247 cm and water volume 3600 litres. It is suitable for 8-12 people. The dry weight of the hot tub is 290 kg.

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Thermowood outside panels

The outer lining made of heat wood has a beautiful brown colour. The heat-treated pine has been stained throughout the material. UV radiation will fade the tint quickly, so to prevent this, the heat wood outer panels have been treated once with UV-protected wood oil. We recommend re-oiling 1-2 times a year with a suitable tint. Use water-soluble stain that does not form a film, e.g. Teknos Woodex Aqua.
TW Blue

Covers for angular hot tubs

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