Original Easy M

Capacity 1450 l
Weight 175 kg
Outer diameter 170 cm
Height 110 cm
Depth 91 cm

Original Easy hot tubs with plastic inner tub are really easy to maintain and therefore the most popular models.

Models with a CULT heater have as many as six different choices as outside panels, stained spruce and three colours of ProfiLine composite and two colours of Eco Plank made of recycled material. The inner tub is available in grey and turquoise.  The chimney is 1.5 m long and has a heat shield and a chimney hat.

Original Easy M CULT St Dark Wallnut, Gray, top view
Tub heaters Outer materials Outer colors Inner colors


The most popular basic outside heater.Suitable for small water volume hot tubs. Manufactured from marine aluminium. The grates and the backside of the door are steel.

Technical data

  • Power 22kW
  • Minimun water quantity is 5cm above the higher connector pipe
  • Pick up furnace door
  • Chimney connection Ø120mm
  • Outside measures, width 350 x 620 x 740 mm
  • Includes grate, fastening pieces, rubber hoses and clamps.
  • The most popular outside heater


Notice minimum water level before making fire.

Eco Plank

Eco Plank is panel material made of recycled plastic which has an even quality and is very well suited for demanding outdoor conditions.  The smooth surface is easy to clean and the material does not require any treatment aside from washing.

Stained spruce

Spruce panel has been treated with dark hazel coloured stain. The beautiful brown tint will stay good-looking for a long time. We nevertheless recommend re-staining every couple of years. Use water-soluble stain that does not form a film, e.g. Teknos Woodex Aqua.
Black EP Brown EP Gray EP Night Sky Black Dark Wallnut Gray Turquoise

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