Original Breezy M

Capacity 4-6 / 1450 l
Weight 142 kg
Outer diameter 170 cm
Height 110 cm
Depth 91 cm

The Original product range’s Breezy truly is an easy-care product with inside plastic. This enduring model is suitable for all purposes, making it a good choice for any situation. Its size makes Breezy M suitable for the average family, or why not a get-together with a small group of friends! As additional equipment LED-lightning is an option that highlights the plastic’s colour. Factory fitted LED-lighting creates a fabulous atmosphere in the evening twilight.

The hot tub is heated with an external grey Cultsi heater, suitable for heating small tubs. It is made out of high-quality marine-grade aluminium. The outer shell is made out of black metal that is long lasting. Metal’s coating is stainless, weatherproof and therefore maintenance free. The colour of the refreshing turquoise interior brings a Mediterranean atmosphere into the bath.

The barrel diameter is 170 cm and water volume 1450 litres. It is suitable for 4-6 people. The dry weight of the hot tub is 142 kg. The gross heat output of the CULT-si stove is 36 kW and the net heat output transferred to the water is 22 kW.

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The most popular basic outside heater.Suitable for small water volume hot tubs. Manufactured from marine aluminium. The grates and the backside of the door are steel.

Technical data

  • Power 22kW
  • Minimun water quantity is 5cm above the higher connector pipe
  • Pick up furnace door
  • Chimney connection Ø120mm
  • Outside measures, width 350 x 620 x 740 mm
  • Includes grate, fastening pieces, rubber hoses and clamps.
  • The most popular outside heater


Notice minimum water level before making fire.
Dark Wallnut Turquoise Gray

ABS cover 170cm fully round

ABS plastic cover for 170cm tubs with CULT, CUBE and TUBE heaters. Read more »
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