Comfort Steady M

Capacity 1400 l
Weight 157 kg
Outer diameter 170 cm
Height 110 cm
Depth 91 cm

A hot tub that offers comfort and modern style for people who appreciate easy-care products. As a part of Steady hot tub’s design the built-in step makes it easy to step into and out of the tub. The smooth and light coloured surface of the plastic allows LED-lightning to be installed as additional equipment. Factory fitted LED-lighting creates a fabulous atmosphere in the evening twilight.
The hot tub is heated with a shapely external grey Macu heater, suitable for heating medium-sized tubs. It is made out of high-quality marine-grade aluminium. The outer shell is made out of recycled plastic panels in timeless mocca that suit a modern environment. The smooth surface is easy to clean, and the material needs no additional treatment besides cleaning. As inside colour, translucent casual grey is frank and carefree. The grey interior is always timeless and elegant, and it blends in beautifully with the environment.

The barrel diameter is 170 cm and water volume 1400 litres. It is suitable for 4-6 people. The dry weight of the hot tub is 157 kg. The gross heat output of the MACU stove is 40 kW and the net heat output transferred to the water is 29 kW.

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Heater is manufactured of marine aluminium. Because the heater material is marine aluminium, it tolerates also sea water. There is no need to rinse the heater with fresh-water after using sea water. The heater has a steely grate base with cast iron grate. And an L-shaped grate for furnace top resting on top of water pipes. Door is hinged and has steel air guide with fixed air intakes.  

Technical data

  • Power 29kW
  • Chimney connection Ø150mm
  • Heat conducting area 1,3 m2
  • Minimun water quantity is 5cm above the higher connector pipe
  • Outside measures, width 570mm and length 600mm
  • Includes grates, fastening pieces, rubber hoses and clamps

Red cedar

Red cedar is a tree species from North America which has excellent decay resistance qualities. The multi-hued, nearly branchless tree is very beautiful and becomes darker over time, into a more even brown. The panels have been trewated with paraffin oil, and the treatment can be repeated if necessary.

Thermowood outside panels

The outer lining made of heat wood has a beautiful brown colour. The heat-treated pine has been stained throughout the material. UV radiation will fade the tint quickly, so to prevent this, the heat wood outer panels have been treated once with UV-protected wood oil. We recommend re-oiling 1-2 times a year with a suitable tint. Use water-soluble stain that does not form a film, e.g. Teknos Woodex Aqua.
Red Cedar Black EP

ABS cover 170cm fully round

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